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MaMa E's Home Bakery

Marie MotesMy dream for many years has been to open a home bakery. When I retired in October, 2012, I decided to make my dream come true. With much encouragement from coworkers, friends, and family I made it happen. Then came the task of naming the business. I had several suggestions, but the one that fit most was the one that my boss at work suggested. She said, "I like MaMa E's." This is what my grandchildren call me. As most of you know, the first grandchild names you. My grandson, Taylor, was suppose to call me MaMa Marie but he cut it short. Taylor called me 'MaMa E', and it stuck. At busy times my grandchildren, daughter, daughter-in-law, and even sisters help. My husband has recently become as much a baker as I am. My business has grown tremendously through our hard work and dedication, resulting in a DREAM come true!